How Natural Light affects Your Interior Space


Being one of the pillar elements for a good interior design, natural lighting plays the major role in setting and changing a room’s mood and ambiance as it does for its perceived size. It also brings a sense of aliveness. Without it, a space would look dull, shallow, boring, unpleasant and unwelcoming. In fact a poorly lit room may even look scary and awkwardly mysterious.

Because it is the medium to perceive forms, volumes and colors, lighting helps to define the interior space based on its function and the objects that occupy it.Daylight is known for having the best CRI (Color Rendering Index) since it has a full spectrum of colors, so it’s the best to render all the colors and let them pop up in a natural and vivid way.


Well illuminated rooms make your house look brighter and more spacious and vivid.  If you have small rooms in your house paint the walls white and let them get as much natural light exposure as possible. You can also use sheer curtains to allow maximum amounts of natural light. This technique will work as an optical illusion and your room will look brighter and definitely larger.