Heritage and Modernity by Luigi Rosselli Architects


Australia-based architecture studio Luigi Rosselli Architects designed Heritage and Modernity, a modern renovation to a Victorian residence located in Woollahra in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, Australia.



“This Woollahra house weaves the rich heritage character of an original Victorian house, with elements that are unashamedly contemporary. Stripped of years of accretions, the original house has been exposed and brought to the fore. A new spiraling stair knits a capacious modern wing, including a new kitchen and family room on the ground floor and study and staff quarters above, with the historic fabric of the dwelling. Steel windows engineered to their uttermost extent fully open the family room onto an expansive outdoor terrace dappled in light. The interiors have been white washed to emphasis the grandeur of the existing house, and draw attention to the dense clutch of trees that surrounds the garden and frames views of the harbour. Wide oak floorboards and finely veined marble lend a timeless air. The simplicity of palette and detail within the house is offset by dramatic detailed light installation by Lindsey Adelman.” – Luigi Rosselli Architects




“This grand old residence is not just class though, she also has a conscience. At the instructions of the client, the project incorporates many energy-conserving and generating technologies. This includes our first installation of geothermal air-conditioning/heating system. The system involves drilling 30m vertical loops into the ground to harness the stable temperature of the earth to power a heat pump. The loops are connected to the heat pump to circulate refrigerant & directly exchange thermal energy with the earth. Air conditioning is delivered through standard fan coil units. The lower indoor coil temperature of the system delivers a reduced humidity level compared to an air sourced system – meaning higher comfort levels. Utilising renewable energy allows the clients to reduce their carbon footprint, as well as greatly reducing the running costs over the life cycle of the equipment.” – Luigi Rosselli Architects








“Skillful management by project architects Hugh Campbell and Candace Christensen saw this project negotiate every possible hurdle, involved the participation of a plethora of consultants, councillors and curious neighbours. The sum of the parts however forms a seamless elegant whole.” – Luigi Rosselli Architects

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