The House Out Of The Floating Box by Park + Associates


Architectural firm Park + Associates designed this contemporary residence nicknamed “The house out of the floating box” located in Jalan Greja, Singapore.


2“The house features a wrapped structure out of a convoluted mesh skin that appears as if it is perched atop a seamless glass front to form an inviting spatial gesture as one steps up past the tree canopy from the entrance.” – Park + Associates


4“Inside the double-height living spaces, the seamless surfaces bring together the best of its surrounding atmosphere by trickling in shades of light, shadows and reflections of its surrounding landscape to allow a smooth transition into the house yet offering a degree of much needed comfort and privacy to its occupants thru the mirage of the surrounding envelope from external forces.” – Park + Associates




8“This seamless fluidity is also extended vertically by connecting all floors with a beautiful central spiral staircase that is carefully positioned above a water feature that further complements the concept of the ‘floating box’, and is carefully designed to become the main focal point for social interaction to all members of the house.” – Park + Associates

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