Zig-Zag House by Dan Brunn Architecture


Architect Dan Bunn of Dan Brunn Architecture designed the Zig-Zag House, a minimalist private residence located in Venice, Los Angeles, California.




3.“The clients requested a sleek, modern home with clean lines, simple maintenance, and resiliency and longevity of materials. A ground floor of poured-in-place concrete provides a solid foundation. Above, the structure appears to levitate. The white cube is broken down geometrically by windows and grey stucco panel doors. On the back façade, this stucco pushes inwards, creating a white frame, further lightening its appearance. In front, a white, ribbon-like north-to-south sweeping façade complements deep and shallow balconies, which ebb and flow forward and backward to mirror facing ocean tides.” – Dan Brunn Architecture




5“The overall aim was balancing natural light and privacy while maximizing indoor space. With corner window walls capped by a large skylight and a two-story wall of glass on one side, the home expands from within. The house’s crowning feature is the massive stairwell. The “cube within a cube” glass and terrazzo staircase allows light to penetrate deep into the house. The landings end just halfway up the flight, creating atypical connections at each level. Through a hidden tension rod, the stairs appear to float, allowing the user to experience the space in 360 degrees.” – Dan Brunn Architecture






10“A third-floor sanctuary near the master bedroom deck is visible from inside, satisfying needs for privacy and expansive outward views while bringing the outdoors in. Deep decks on every floor provide protected access to the outdoors.” – Dan Brunn Architecture

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