Water Factory by Andrew Simpson Architects


Water Factory is a conversion of a 19th century industrial warehouse and factory building into a family residence designed by Andrew Simpson Architects. The project was completed in 2014 and it’s located in North Fitzroy, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia.


1“This was primarily an interior project: the footprint of the two storey building coincides with the site boundaries and the significant heritage constraints limited options for altering the external envelope of the building.” – Andrew Simpson Architects


3“To address the need for multiple possibilities for extended family living, the design is conceived as a collection of houses contained within the broader envelope of the building. The plan is subdivided in two on the ground floor and internally connected to create two side-by-side dwellings which have separate main street entrances for different members of the family.” – Andrew Simpson Architects


7.“To draw light and ventilation into what is a poorly oriented and deep footprint, an extensive number of operable skylights were introduced on the north and south-facing roof pitches, and a large void connecting the ground and first floor was strategically positioned to also take advantage of this amenity. Bedroom, bathroom and laundry spaces are divided by a series of operable and sliding panels. What are conventionally regarded as cellular and isolated spaces within a house are imbued with a sense that they are provisional areas that can form part of the open plan or be used for more private purposes.” – Andrew Simpson Architects



10“The ceiling geometry which intersects with the original warehouse roof trusses, varies and undulates along the cross-section of the building. It contains the electrical and mechanical services and in its gable pitches creates an abstract allusion of several houses being contained within the main volume.” – Andrew Simpson Architects



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