DomT by Martin Boles Architect


Architectural studio Martin Boles Architect designed DomT, a contemporary residence located Stará Ľubovňa, Slovakia. It was completed in 2015.


2.“The project lies within the plot of an old family house and garden, where one of the clients originally spent their childhood years. Choosing this old site helped owners to save money for their new home, and to identify with a well-known environment they personally related to. Three old Birch trees, planted by the client’s father, have been kept as a cherished memory of the past, and also acts as a barrier to create slightly more privacy from their immediate surroundings.” – Martin Boles Architect


4.“Wood has been chosen as the main construction and cladding material, as it resembles typical structures such as “stodola”, commonly seen in Slovakian yards and gardens. These wooden barns can be found, and are still part of some of the surrounding yards.” – Martin Boles Architect


6.“The figurative form of a barn has been extruded along the Northern edge of the site, and broken in the middle to maximize solar conditions. The glazed façade blurs a border between the interior and exterior, and enables a strong connection with the garden. One of the existing pear trees provides shade for a wooden terrace, which continually blends the internal space with the outside.” – Martin Boles Architect


8.“Structurally it is a combination of the lightweight timber structure, the centrally located load-bearing concrete walls and the steel columns behind the glass façade. The exterior of the house has been clad in untreated Siberian Larch, which is expected to gradually change its colour to silver grey over time. Rough material concept is similarly used for adjacent buildings in the garden, and it is repeated within load-bearing concrete block walls in the interior.” – Martin Boles Architect


10..“Spruce, which is a traditional local material, is extensively used in interior and provides a sense of “well-being”. It is used for the floor, window frames, doors, a build-up kitchen and a 14 m long wardrobe that continually extends from the centre of the house into parents’ bedroom. A collection of natural materials are used to contrast with the concrete walls.” – Martin Boles Architect


11.“There is a generous opening of space located in the middle of the house, which combines the kitchen, living room and centrally positioned dining table. A single stove in the living room works as an additional source of heat and warming light.” – Martin Boles Architect








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