Clea House by Nakhshab Development and Design


NDD (Nakhshab Development and Design) designed Clea House a contemporary residence located in San Diego, California and completed in 2016.


clea-house-by-nakhshab-development-and-design-2“The setting for the Clea House could not be more suited for a Nakhshab Development and Design project as it includes aspects that have been the recipe for award winning and published projects. Set in a serene Mission Hills setting on a sloped site, this modern mid-century inspired single family home complements its surroundings and preserves the existing site terrain.” – NDD


clea-house-by-nakhshab-development-and-design-4“A seamless cantilevering style is presented in a single level layout that allows a cozy minimal but luxurious lifestyle. The large rooftop deck allows residents to enjoy the beautiful San Diego climate and to take in the peaceful canyon setting. An elevator allows easy-access into the living area as the garage is built on the lower level, creating greater accessibility to future tenants.” – NDD


clea-house-by-nakhshab-development-and-design-6“In line with the NDD design philosophy, sustainable measures are used throughout the home to the standard of LEED Gold: Drought tolerant landscaping, nontoxic pest control, water efficient fixtures and fittings, high efficiency LED lighting, energy star appliances, solar PV, and environmentally preferable products. The Clea house is an NDD signature home with the minimal but luxurious, sustainable design that the NDD team has become known for.

The home has also received the Sustainability Award for 2016 by SEAOSD (Structural Engineers Association of San Diego) attributed to the low-impact cantilevering foundation design.” – NDD


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