Pros & Cons Of Using Robotic Vacuum Cleaners


A robotic vacuum cleaner, or robovac, is a compact, intelligently-programmed vacuum cleaner. A robotic vacuum follows preprogrammed cleaning instructions. It is usually designed with spinning brushes that can access hard-to-reach areas. Others are designed with a number of other features (such as UV sterilization, mopping ability, etc.), which make your robovac more than just a regular vacuum cleaner.

The robotic vacuum moves around your house collecting dirt and brushing the floor. What make it robotic are its sensors. The sensors allow your robotic vacuum to remember the path and distance it has travelled and if it is heading towards a cliff or stairs. The sensors are also used to detect where the docking station is whenever your robotic vacuum needs to recharge. But the robotic vacuum needs to be within 6 feet of the docking station so it can find its way back to recharge.

Pros of owning a robotic vacuum cleaner:

  • Pre-programmed cleaning schedule. A robotic vacuum can be programmed with a specific schedule you want it to go around your house. Once you have set the schedule, it can operate on its own without human contact.
  • Has the ability to go to hard-to-reach places. If you are using an ordinary vacuum cleaner, you will need to bend over to reach under the beds, sodas, and other furniture. With a robovac, you can just leave it to go under your furniture to collect dirt.
  • Acts as a mop as well. Most robotic vacuums are equipped with mops and brushes that assist in home cleaning. So it is not just a vacuum, it serves as a mop as well.
  • You can direct it to clean a specific spot. A robotic vacuum can be used to clean a specific spot in your house in case of a mess in a particular area or a spill. You can adjust its mode so it will not go around the house to find the spot that you want cleaned.
  • Perfect for people with disabilities and old people. It is a great tool for people with disabilities and old people. They can just set the robovac to clean at a specific time without having much human interaction.
  • Includes other useful features. You can direct where your robotic vacuum cleaner will go. You can set virtual walls that it is not supposed to cross and it can also detect steep drops or stairs so it can turn around. Some high end models have the ability to detect surface changes and transition its cleaning mode between carpets and bare floors.

Cons of using a robotic vacuum cleaner:

  • You will need to remove any obstacle. Before you let your robotic vacuum run around, you will need to vacuum-proof your house so objects will not get stuck in it. When using a traditional vacuum, you will see what will be sucked inside the vacuum. But because a robovac runs on its own, you will not have the luxury of preventing objects from being sucked in.
  • Small bin. As a robotic vacuum cleaner is designed to be compact, its dust bin needs to be emptied more frequently as compared with a traditional vacuum.
  • You will still need your traditional vacuum. Though a robotic vacuum can do most of the work, you will still need to use your traditional vacuum to clean other parts of the house. So yes, it may not yet be time to ditch your good ol’ vacuum.


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