Easy Hacks For A Clean And Tidy Bathroom


Everyone dreams of having a clean and organized bathroom. After all, the bathroom is one of the most often-used spaces in a home, and it’s also one of the places where one can relax after a hectic day at work (i.e. taking a luxurious but well-deserved bubble bath).

Here are some tips to keep your bathroom streamlined and oh-so welcoming:

Disguise your storage.

Your bathroom reading (i.e. magazines and books) scattered all over will definitely look like clutter, so keep them organized in a handy bin. You can use a simple catch-all, or a storage ottoman or woven basket.

If the doors of your bathroom cabinet are worn out and need changing, but you don’t have the budget to replace them, then you can use old linens as makeshift curtains. They make accessing your bath and shower stuff easier — no need to keep opening and closing doors!


Be smart with your storage.

Those spaces behind your door and the wall facing your sink? You can place hooks there so you can hang your towels, clothes, and even a bathroom organizer to store your bath essentials. The key is to maximize whatever available space there is, and hooks make for great makeshift “floating” storage areas.

You can also get matching baskets that will fit your bathroom shelves to keep everything artfully tidy.

Think white.

White is almost always the default color when designing a bathroom (since white can make any space look bigger), but if you’re thinking of jazzing it up a bit, you can opt for other neutral shades (that are still close to the color white) such as cream or beige. You can also go for navy blue stripes to add a nautical vibe to your bathroom.

If your plan is to make your bathroom appear bigger than it seems, then you can opt for a glass wall instead of a shower curtain to separate the toilet from the bath — it will make the room feel as airy as possible.

Repurpose old furniture.

Old side tables or unused bar or footstools can still be used for your bathroom! They can be both functional and beautiful under a sink or beside a tub.


Dress up your bathroom with little touches.

Add a hint of green to your bathroom with a potted fern — it thrives in that space since the plant loves moisture. It’s a simple way to soften a stark space.

Another smart decorating trick is to use actual curtains — they’ll add a bit of drama and elegance to your bathroom, and make taking a bath even more enjoyable.