A Black & White Restaurant In Jackson, Missouri: AKA Sushi by daub-lab and Synecdoche Design Studio


daub-lab and Synecdoche Design Studio joined forces to  renovate of the AKA Sushi restaurant in Jackson, Missouri. The expansion from 1,000 square feet to 2,800 square feet provides a new dining experience through the expanded counter and the addition of a new bar.

“The corian counter folds to bench seating as a continuous band connecting the entry to dining. Likewise, the whitewashed pine wall slips past the dining room to the kitchen entrance. Both moments work to connect spaces through the effort of the white band.” – Synecdoche Design Studio

“The pine wall wrap is bound in contrast by dark tile flooring and an acoustically treated ceiling. The sushi kitchen and bar are carved out of the white band, framing the active kitchen as a dining experience.”  – Synecdoche Design Studio

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