TWELVE Lighting Collection by Plato Design


Italy-based design studio Plato Design conceived the TWELVE light collection. The modular lamps fall into three categories: D TWELVE, Lux TWELVE, and Basic TWELVE. They are made from beechwood, concrete and screen-printed fabric.

“Take a dodecahedron and, through a system of magnets, attach it to another and then another. Plug the first one into the socket and now you have the first modular magnetic LED lamp. D TWELVE is an original and dynamic product, made of technological innovation as well as passion for handicraft.” – Plato Design

“With its high quality finishes, Lux TWELVE was created to satisfy the most demanding tastes. It is a modular magnetic LED lamp assembled by hand, where technological research and formal innovation meet sophisticated materials. Lux TWELVE is an unusual combination of luxury and customization possibilities.” – Plato Design

“Basic TWELVE lamp is young, simple and low-cost, intended for single use or multiple items combinations. Concrete is treated as a plastic material resulting in an ultra-thin and colored shell. The result is an astonishing object with its essentiality, designed to meet, like all TWELVE collection products, different needs.” – Plato Design

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