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Ancestry Headquarters by Rapt Studio


Rapt Studio designed the headquarters of Internet Company Ancestry located in Lehi, Utah and completed in 2016. “Ancestry The story of Ancestry itself is a tale of family, genealogy, migration, and attention to detail. To create the company’s ideal space,

9GAG Office by LAAB


Architectural studio LAAB designed the office of 9GAG. The space used to be a warehouse but now dark tones and chill fun areas characterize the new workspace. “With over 80 million monthly visitors, 9GAG is the world’s leading online social

De Bank Office by KAAN Architecten


Architectural firm KAAN Architecten designed their new office located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and completed in 2016. “The new location of KAAN Architecten office is in the heart of Rotterdam, situated along the Maas river. The project has transformed 1.600

Estúdio Pretto by Arquitetura Nacional


Architecture firm Arquitetura Nacional designed the new space of functional training and sports conditioning studio Estúdio Pretto which is located in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The project was completed in 2016. Read More…

Microsoft Headquarters In Vienna by INNOCAD


INNOCAD and KOOP Live Marketing worked together to create a new headquarters for Microsoft in Vienna, Austria. “Throughout the space, architecture plays a key role facilitating “new work” in the functionality, infrastructure and design concept. The team creates an ideal

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