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A Minimal Table Lamp: LOOP by HIMMEE


Timo Niskanen (founder of HIMMEE) designed LOOP is a minimal table lamp with LED lighting. “The LOOP table lamp has an aluminum body and an opal acrylic diffuser. Led-lightsource is placed in a shape of a semicircle to the upper

The Silhouette Floor Lamp by Kevin Chiam


Designer Kevin Chiam conceived Silhouette, a minimal foor lamp with a storage space. “People have a way of connecting information together even if it comes in crumbs. Piecing the form and structural hints, we imagine and unconsciously breathe life into

The Flux Collection by John Procario


The Flux collection is the newest addition to John Procario’s custom series of sculptural luminaries. It is one continuous loop of a freeform bent timber. Flux has an intrinsic quality of not looking the same from any two perspectives. It’s

Webster House by Hufft Projects


Kansas City-based design and build company Hufft Projects completed in 2013 the The Webster House, a contemporary residence located in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. “A modern renovation of a historic two-story brownstone, our design celebrates the connection between old and

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